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(girls only) what is the best homemade dildo?
Im too young to buy a dildo. So what is the best substitute for a dildo that i can use. Maybe like some type of household item? Please give me suggestions <3 thanks
Why not try some of the options in this article I've recently written: "Top 10 Homemade Sex Toys & Vibrators From Household Items":…

Have fun!
My daughter is a young girl ! that has feeling to this boy and i told her date him but no sex ?
my daughter is a young girl ! that has feeling to this boy and i told her date him but no sex ? so one time she came home and told me mom i have a problem ! and she said that she wants to have sex ! with him so i gave her a dildo ! and she takes it everywhere to her ! iam scared should i take it away ! becuase she is using it alot ! like 10 times a day ! why |? and then she invited her girl friends over ! they all had dildo's
and i knew from my daughter ! and then when i came up for milk and cookies i opened the door and i was shoked to see that they where naked ! and having u know fun ! i dont know should i take it away ! and she yalled to my face it was the first time i slapp her ! for that! and embaressed her infront of her friend that where to doing this ! and told her to neal in the toilet ! for an hour ! i dont know i lost my mind ! what should i do look dont send hard replies because i think i should die ! i am sorry plz answere! bye iloveherto mush ! am i a good mom!
Don't waste your time answering this stupid question folks - check out the profile, this person has nothing better to do with there time except fantasize about young guys having sex - Your sick - who ever you are
Is it safe??
Is it safe for a younger girl to use a home-made dildo without a condom on it?
and also... its not a fruit or any food or anything like that, its plastic....
You can get infections from using a homemade one, Get a rubber one that you can wash with alcohol and soap, to keep it clean. Always wash it before using again. Keep in safe place in a plastic wrap away from any kind of dust.
I want to have a relationship with a young girl, and I think she wants me?
This girl is my used to be best friend's daughter. She is so beautiful, with black long curly hair and white skin. She and I flirt and get along. She is younger than me, but her dad is older than me, so she is 22. Anyway, we flirt and hang out, and I have hugge her and kissed her many times.
So anyway, I knocked on the door of her dorm for days ago, and she didn't answer. So I took her dorm key from under the Matt (she says I have permission), and I went in. I was about to call her name, but then I heard someone moaning my name.
So as I walked near her room, I peaked and found her masturbating with a dildo. She was fully naked, with her eyes closed. She was bouncing and cuuming really hard
I got turned on, and so tonight, I think I want to make a move on her. How should I do it? Should I take her to a movie? Can I walk her to her dorm? What? By the way, I am 33, so that is about an 11 year difference.
1.WOW!!! Perfect timeing for u I guess..... Lol 2 u should ask her if u could stay awhile at her dorm.... Then make a
Move ....... Can u answer my question plzzzz
Girls, how do you masturbate?
I'm looking for any creative ideas, i'm too young to buy dildos/ vibraters. And yes, I do keep the stuff I already use totally clean, I'm just tired of using the end of a hair brush, any other ideas?

use your hand/finger, and rub your clitoris untill you get an orgasm
What can a 15 year old girl use to masturbate?
i really need an answer to this. i am always horny , and i love to masturbate. i really want to have an orgasm but i don know what to use to get one... im to young to buy a dildo, and i have a back massager/ vibrator. i also need tips on getting a n orgasm. thanks so much, and i really need an answer soon. :)
One word: tractors.
I'm in a state of shock. should i seek help?
i'm a 45 year old man. recently, during a high school reunion, i reconnected with a friend, john, i haven't seen in more than 20 years. we exchanged numbers and he asked me to visit his property in a remote area in a foreign country (i don't wish to name.)
i thought he would be lonely. he is also 45 and not married. he was also a bit of a weirdo in high school. the property is a strip of land almost completely isolated from the outside world.
when i finally arrived, i was shocked by what i saw. around 8-10 teenage girls ranging from age 14-19 came out to welcome me. they were all clad in schoolgirl uniforms except they were baring their midriffs and their skirts were way too short.
john told me that he adopted them mostly from eastern europe and latin america and he also homeschool them since they were little.
in a way, this looked like a prep school. girls were assigned dorm room except no one took studying seriously. they all seemed like sex-starved whores, constantly flashing their thongs and lifting their tops.
john explained that his education is to mold them into good little school whores. he tied them up during detention and spanked them with authority.
pole dancing was also a big part of their education (there is a pole dancing contest every friday night) as are the use of dildos.
naturally, i felt completely out of place and disgusted.
the girls were so naive that they didn't know they were being brainwashed and manipulated. they always dressed like skanks.
one of the girl went to the principal's office (john's office) for saying f*ck this school, but when she came out, the only thing that got f*cked was her.
a lot of them like to show off their boobs in random occasions. they also jerk off a lot and sometimes piss in public.
john also served them drinks and get them wasted before he takes advantage.
in their mission statement, the girls are to achieve less inhibitionism and to basically turned into f*k whores. the younger girls mostly dressed provocatively without going topless/nude while the sophomore walks around topless, bottomless, or nude. the fully brainwashed upper classmen are essentially john's dirty whores.
john showed me his student profile consisting of name, date of birth, age, bra size, height, weight, and shoe size. he dresses them up differently everyday after "class" (where uniforms are enforced) is over.
there is the pool party every weekend. girls get wasted and do all those unspeakable naughty stuff. he gives them baby oil, hard alcohol, and several dildos that he use to double penetrate them.
i feel so filthy after this experience that i cant even look at my wife and guyren in the eyes.
what should i do? should i seek help?
I think that is horrible, and yes, I would call the cops immediately. You don't need help, its that man that does.
While reading this, it was disgusting, if it is 14-19 year old girls, that is definitely guy pornography, and he can be in jail for a large amount of time.
Especially giving them alcohol. The girls will get help, and you just need to call the police on that man. If you don't know the address, then go with them, and show them the place.

Tell your wife what you have seen, don't tell your guyren, it will scare them, but tell your wife, so she knows that its not her that is doing something wrong, just be completely honest with her. Honesty is the best thing, and if you need any more help, get a counselor, but the first thing is PLEASE call the police.
Whats a good household dildo? (for girls)?
I just want to know... i can't buy one cos im too young so please can i have some ideas....
Is an off curling iron good to use? Or a hairbrush??
A peeled ccumber.
How can i masterburate without buying any vibrators or anything?
i'm 14 years old and i know there are many of you out there that think i would be too young to masterburate and its disgusting and blah blah blah, so if you are one of those people please just click the back button thanks!
yeah so i obviously dont want my family to find out what i'm doing so i cant buy a vibrator or dildo or anything. i sometimes use an old electrical toothbrush to stimulate my clitoris.
any suggestions?

i believe fingers work very effectively as do various vegetables
I need masturbation tips for girls?
Well this is a little embarrassing to ask, but I can't talk to my mom about it.
I've just recently started masturbating and I've done some research on it.
At first I felt guilty afterward and dirty, but people say it's normal which I have come to accept.
I need some really good masturbation tips, I'm only 14 so don't suggest dildos. And I'd rather not use food either. My mom has a dildo but is has no batteries and I can't figure out what kind of batteries it uses, I cleaned it really good, and I only use it to rub and try to bring on an orgasm which has only worked once. I had a really good orgasm the other day (or at least I think it was) and i can't seem to do it again, you know the feeling of when you were younger and if you climbed something or over worked your body swimming, you would get this funny feeling? It was like that but I'm not positive if it was an orgasm or not.
Sorry I'm all over the place. Anyway the main point in this is, I want to know what kind of household items I can use to get a REALLY orgasm. I've heard of electronic toothbrushes, face cleaners, and using detachable shower heads. I've tried every single one but it just doesn't do it for me, unless I'm doing it wrong? So please I need some tips and advice or masturbation and orgasms, such as:

What are good household items to use to masturbate?
What kind of techniques do you use?
What works best for you and makes you reach to maximum climax?
What gives you an awesome feeling orgasm?
and any other questions you can answer about masturbation and orgasms

And remember I'm a girl, so I need advice for girl masturbation!

Thank you all.
Relax, there is plenty of time to get to know your body. Just take it slow and get to know your body. I would start just finding what you like, before trying "household appliance"! As you are curious, here is a website :… . It isn't sleazy or anything.

However, it is all about you. Nobody can tell you what will work for you! Just experiment, it is normal that it doesn't go that smoothly at first because you need to find what works for you.

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