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What was your first lesbian or bi kiss like?
I am a bi curious 14 year old and can't find anyone in my school who is bi or at least a lesbian so I can experiment so I want to know what a first lesbian kiss is like.
Apart from a peck on the cheek when we said goodnight after a film or show, the first real kiss was a fairly nervous affair. Apart from that I cannot really remember what it was like. It can't have been too bad, Gwen and I were together for 42 years.
Rose P.
What happened on your first lesbian kiss?
What happened on your first lesbian kiss? how did it feel, how did it happen?
This was my first lesbian experience ever with a friend i had crushed on for months. She leant in for a kiss and no word of a lie; i forgot to breathe. It was the perfect kiss :o) She's my fiancee now and when she kisses me... i still forget to breathe.
Do lesbian and bi girls remember their first lesbian kiss like straight people remember their first one?
Not to sound naive or critical, but I was just curious if you have fond memories of it like we straight people do our first kiss....
I have vivid memories of both my first straight and lesbian kisses.
How was your first gay/lesbian kiss?
I'm curious about other experiences, it not necessarily has to be your very first kiss but the first kiss you had with that special someone. did u liked it? with who? how was it?
It was actually pretty good.
I liked my second bisexual kiss though.
It was at my brothers baseball game.
So there's this new girl that came to my school, and this was like her 3rd week there, so I invited her to my brothers baseball game, and we were sitting on the bleachers and she said
"I need to show you something! Follow me!"
So I did.
She led me to underneath the bleachers and she made me listen to a song called Adore by Paramore on her iPod, and she asked if I liked it and before I could even answer back she kissed me, and it was awesome.
We stayed there for like 10 minutes until my mom was coming and she asked what we were doing under the bleachers and I told her I dropped my shoe XD.

I will never forget that :)
What was your first lesbian kiss like?
This year i have decided im gonna have my first lesbian kiss with my new gf!! what was your first kiss like,where,when, with who, was it all you hoped for....have you people got any tips for me? i have never kissed a girl before and im really scared and i havent kissed a guy in like 5 years so im a bit rusty....
im 14 and a lesbian
I am bisexual and i have only ever been "in love" with one girl. When i was 14, i moved to a city from a small town. I didnt know i was bi.

When i moved to the city, i started going to school, and i met a girl who i had a really strong connection with. We started off as besties, but then realised our relationship was different to most best friends.

We got closer, until we both had our first kiss. It was absolutely amazing, i never thought it would have happened. Our first kiss happened when we were 14 and a half, under my bed! I was lying down and my gf came down. We were facing each other and i kissed her cheek. She smiled and kissed my cheek. Then i kissed closer to her mouth, then she did mine, and this kept happening til we kissed on the lips. It was great. So yummy.

After we kissed we were like "wow! what??!" but then it just kept happening! At school toilets and all. I have now been with the same girl for 4 years. We are 18 years old, and planning to move in together.

Goodluck with everything.
What was your first lesbian kiss like?
Was it nice? Was it different from a guys kiss?
Oh snapples, it was AWESOME!!! It happened pretty recently too so its still fresh in my mind.

Well, me and a couple of friends decided to go to the gay club since 3 out of 5 us like the same sex. While my friends would go off and dance I would stand by myself because I hated dancing due to my quirky and weird looking dance moves. My friends felt bad about leaving me so they dragged me to the dancefloor and attempted to get me dancing.

I was extremely nervous and self-conscious about my dancing skills so I just stood there as people were dancing around me. Out of nowhere it seems, this amazingly hot girl comes over and starts dancing in front of me. Before I could move she turns around and presses her back against me and like moving against me. Now, I was really freaking nervous and had no clue what to do next. I never get girls paying me any attention, let alone a hot one, so I was thrown for a loop.

She had on a really short skirt and was wearing a vest with no shirt underneath so I wasnt very sure where to put my hands. Before I knew it, she had stopped dancing on me and was talking to my friend who hates dancing too and was dragged on the floor too. The girl who danced with me said bye to all of us and then left. By now I had a huge grin on my face and my face was super red! But after that I was so happy and pumped that I was doing my crazy dances, not caring what anyone thought and having awesome time on the floor.

Couple hours later, my friends were all tired from dancing except me and my other friend. So while I'm getting my groove on the girl from earlier came to me (again from nowhere it seems) and said, "Hi kitten, I'm glad to see you dancing now. Where were all these moves earlier?" Once more I was struck speechless, but between my goofy grin I managed to squeak out, "I dont know." (lol, I know. I'm such a smooth talker)

She just smiled at me before moving in and kissing me. The kiss was so so awesome. Her lips were so soft and plump and she was wearing strawberry lip gloss. The kiss didnt last too long in real time, to me it seemed like forever. But before pulling away, she bit my bottom lip and I almost lost it. My heart was beating fast, my breathing wasnt normal, the words "OMGOMGOMG sheskissingmesheskissingme" running through my mind and my cheeks were hurting from smiling so hard. Squeezing my hand she told me to have a good night and left.

In my excited state, I ran to my friends to tell them the great news about this momentous occasion and to gloat a little bit and tripped over my own feet. But I was super happy and nothing could bring me down, well not emotionally anyway since gravity literally did bring me down.

I never got her name but hopefully I will see her again one day so I can thank her for bringing me the courage to just go out and dance and have fun and to thank her for my first girl kiss that was AMAZING!!!

I had only kissed one guy before and that was my boyfriend. (I'm Bi) His kisses were good but his lips were definetly not as soft or juicy. His lips were chapped a lot of the time and that used to irritate me.
How was your first lesbian kiss like? GIRLS ONLY !?
Hey um im bi and i wanted to know how ur first lesbian kisses went :) So please be as detailed as possible. i want to know EVERY THING :) pls dont think im weird i wanna kiss a girl and i need to know how :) Thanks guys :)
well im going to skip my pathetic attempt at lesbian sex at 8, and my truth or dare pretend i dont like it games when i was in 5th grade to give you the good stuff. ;D my first REAL even though we were completely trashed lesbian kiss was AMAZING. it was truth or dare, and all the guys were like ohh you and __ (her) should make out!! so i was like yeah, sure. more like i jumped ontop of her and was ready to rip off her clothes but yeah, (; it was like a minute of incredable passionate kissing, nothing like ever with a guy(this was when i was in the closet) i remember every second of it, and shes the best kisser EVER. were still just friends, but ill never forget that day uhmm EVER. haha. shes just so sexy. (; soooo i hope thats what you were looking for, cuz i sure like thinking about it. ;DD
Tell me stories of your first lesbian kiss?
im not lesbian or bi but i think my friend is...tell me everything that happend. and have you ever got cought making out with your lesbian lover by your parents in a room alone?
It was my best friend at the time. We were in the military (Becca in the Air Force, me in the Army) both 19 & at our 1st duty assignment in Germany. We were both buzzing & were talking in the bathroom (she didn't like to go alone). It was veterans day, 1992, & we were enjoying our day off.

For some reason while we were talking, I just really saw her, ya know? Cute, short blonde hair, green eyes, cute grin that spelled trouble. And she looked at me & smiled. And when I saw her smile, I thought to myself "My God. She is so beautiful..." At that moment that I thought that thought, she looked at me & moved in for the kiss. To this day, I don't know if I actually said that thought out loud, or just in my head because of how quickly she reacted.

It was so soft, gentle, & intense all at once. I blacked out after kissing her, because my brain couldn't comprehend how GOOD she felt. And my logical side knew that I could never deny how amazing this kiss felt, even though liking girls could cost me my job. I knew I would have to do this again to see if it was just kissing HER, or kissing other women that would make me feel like that.

That kiss rocked me to the core. And whenever she wanted to do it again, I would oblige her enthusiastically. That kiss made me look back at all of the moments in my life & realize that, indeed, liking women was NOT a passing fancy that I could grow out of.
What was your first lesbian kiss like. FULL DETAILS PLS! :)?
okay so i had my first lesbian kiss last night. my friend came over and after a while doing some homework i made the first move. it was epic!

so i wanted to know how urs went in detail pls . :)thanks
ok i it was xmas 9 years ago me and my bff where drunk and so was my hole family. we where mucking about with my foster brother and my brothers mates in the kicthing ( nothing obscene_). we where all just have a right laughing and me and my friend where dancing about the room acting like prats. our fav song came on the radio and we started dancing together spinning each other around in dazing circles. when we stopped we to give each other a kiss on the cheek then the next thing we having a fall on snog in front of every one!!!! we stopped with in seconds of starting and made out that nothing happened which my lovely foster brother backed us up telling his mates it we where pretending.
iv never be so embarrassed and invigorated in my life and i would do it again!!!!
What was your first lesbian kiss like? and if there was more what was that like. ?
Mine was amazing. we did go a little farther than that the first night but because i was at a christian college and i had a roomate sleeping on the couch in the next room i couldnt allow us to take anything off.
Young, middle school... BFF. Already kissed boys before but nothing serious.
We were at a dance and some jerk that was supposed to be her BF went off with another girl. At that time we lived next door and she was staying over. I was trying to cheer her up and made up some stupid song on my acoustic that made her laugh. I hugged her because it was lame how she got dumped and when I went to turn away she kissed me! (not like friends)
wasn't expecting that! (wasn't anything I even wondered about). She pulled back to look at me and I was probably giving off that "deer in the headlights" look. It wasn't bad, I didn't push her away or anything... I was just genuinely speechless. She turned her eyes down and she was like trembling. If I could read her mind I bet she was thinking "OMG, shouldn't have done that!"
I didn't want her to freak out after the bad night she just had and now this, so I put my hand on her face and kissed her. I guess after the initial shock to my system it really wasn't that bad... best kiss I had, actually.

We were young, kiss was all we did, probably lasted a good hour. Still date boys, still BFFs to this day.

I never thought that way about any other girl so I never felt any need to "come out" or attach a label.
I can't say that was the only time for us, and I can't say it stopped with kissing ;-) but I'm keeping the details to myself... no sense feeding the pervs.

whew, this anonymous stuff is liberating!

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